Light in the Dark


The dark might seem scary on any given day,
but a game of hide and seek will take the fear away.
Open the red door and in the cupboard you hide,
hoping that daddy won’t find you inside.
You sneak behind mum’s orange dress; will daddy find you there? Yes.
As you pass by the window, the bright yellow stars you can see,
while you look for a new hiding spot to be.
In your toy tent are you safe from being found?
You cuddle your green teddy tight and don’t make a sound.
But that spot won’t do and you will be found there, right?
So you run to your bed as the blue moon shines a soft light.
Pulling the purple sheets over your head,
you silently wait before daddy finds you in bed;
and through all of this fun, you can see
the light in the dark.

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Light in the Dark is a playful illustrated children’s book that teaches children not to be afraid of the dark. The story follows a young boy using play through hide and seek with his dad to see the lighter sides of the dark and cleverly utilises the different colours of the rainbow to also teach children about colours. And to add a bit more fun, there is a ‘find the star’ on each spread.

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