Calling of the Killers

Based on a True Story

In a remote NSW coastal town, a profound connection between man and whale is at the heart of a gripping tale of tradition, betrayal and redemption.

Timothy Raine, an inquisitive wanderer, uncovers the ancient ‘law of the tongue’ of the Thaua people, setting in motion a chain of events that will test the limits of human-animal relationships.

Follow the journey of George Ericson, a rugged whaler, and the spirited Sandra Galli, who find love amidst the turbulent waters of Twofold Bay. Their bond is tested when Jim Logan, a ruthless rival, threatens the delicate equilibrium between man and Orcas, especially the enigmatic Old Tom.

As tensions escalate and the fate of Old Tom’s pod hangs in the balance, a dedicated trio – George, Sandra and the wise Alfie Greg – must confront the destructive forces that seek to sever the intricate ties that bind man and whale.

Infused with mystery and intrigue, this tale of courage and sacrifice culminates in a breathtaking showdown that will leave you spellbound, forever changed by the timeless lessons of love, loyalty, and the enduring bond between man and whale.