Calm of the Storm


When the storm is approaching there is nothing to fear,
the sound of thunder is a nice thing to hear.
The flashing of light from the lightning up high,
is the best way to see the storm saying hi.
The raindrops are wet; of fresh air they smell,
When they fall on your tongue they taste good as well.
Once night has come and it is time for bed,
the touch of a kiss is soothing on your head.
And as sleep drifts into a wonderful dream,
think of the Calm of the Storm; it’s not
as scary as it may seem!

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Coupled with simple but captivating illustrations, Calm of the Storm uses cleverly formulated rhymes that embrace the five senses to walk a child through the positive and fun things that a storm can bring; and to add a little bit of fun there is a ‘find the bird’ on each spread.

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